Lucía Rodríguez Pérez,(1986) was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, and she is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work includes primarily paintings, and also explores drawing, installation, collage and video. 

In 2009 she obtained her BFA at Universidad Católica de Chile, and in 2014 she moved to New York City to pursue her MFA at the New York Academy of Art, graduating in 2016. Between 2017-2019 she co-directed and run JuiceBox Gallery and Educational Space in Denver, Colorado. In 2020, Rodríguez moved back to NYC where she currently develops her practice in her studio space located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

She has participated in multiple exhibitions in venues such as SoftTimes Gallery (San Francisco, CA), RedLine (Denver, CO), Sala Virtual CCU (Santiago, Chile) and Flux Factory (New York, NY). In 2022 she had her first solo show in the US, a través del silencio at Alto Gallery, in Denver, Colorado.

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